The newest version of rEvodream User Manual. Contains descriptions of all functions.

Operational manual for rEvodream P/P5 containning HUD display schemes, calibration information and information about using rEvodream in SCR mode

rEvo User Manual is a collection of useful information about rebreather, description of mounting, dismounting and storage procedures and all essential informations, vital for proper and safe diving with rEvo rebreather.

rEvodream P/P5 menu and starting procedures chart with description of HUD ppO2 display modes.

CMF, or Constant Mass Flow, is a theory that allows to create a system providing fixed amount of oxygen particles to the breathing loop regardless of the depth. Assuming that diver metabolizes fixed amount of oxygen, CMF allows to build very reliable and efficient life support system.

Oxygen sensors are among the most vital elements of every rebreather. Understanding their principles, specificity of operating and factors influencing their wear is the key to safe close circuit diving. Everyone should read this article.