rEvo micro, mini, standard

rEvo is available in 3 sizes: micro, mini and standard. All rEvo sizes have the same diving parameters (scrubber time) and you can install the same cylinders and the same equipment. Various sizes were created solely for the comfort of diving and travel. Generally, tall people can dive with any of the 3 sizes of rEvo, while smaller divers will feel much better in a micro or mini.

Weight and sizes (without tanks and sorb)
rEvo typeSteelTitanHeight (with handle)WidthLoop capacity
rEvo Standard 19.6 kg 17.3 kg 63 cm 38 cm 7l
rEvo Mini 19.4 kg 17.8 kg 58 cm 38 cm 6.4l
rEvo Micro not avilable 15.9 kg 54 cm 35 cm 5.5l


Tanks and sorb weight
Axial absorbentRadial absorbent3l light tanks3l heavy tanks2l tanks2l carbon tanks
2.7 kg 4 kg 8.44 kg 10.84 kg 6.65 kg 4.2 kg 
Tanks weight is for set of 2 tanks with valves and mounting bracket.


revo III