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You would like to start diving with the rEvo and the questions are starting too. Which rEvo? How equipped? Is it worth to pay extra money for rMS System and what exactly is rMS? What size will fit me better - a mini or micro? Or maybe standard? Does it really make sense to buy two rEvodreams? If you asked yourself even one of these questions, read the article below carefully.

Basic information about rEvo

  • rEvo is CE certified - what means that it passed all tests described in EN14143 and can be legally sold in EU.
  • rEvo always is delivered complete, ready for diving. After unboxing new rEvo you only need to fill the tanks and absorbent canister. Other elements: rebreather itself, tanks, regulators, harness, wing, electronics etc. are already in place. 
  • rEvo is avilable in 3 sizes, which don't differ from each other in parameters and limits. The only reason for creating 3 sizes of rEvo is possibility to fit the unit best to diver's tallness and taking into consideration whether the user travells a lot or dives mostly in his area. 
  • rEvo can be ordered as eCCR, mCCR or hCCR. Manual and electronic rebreathers are well known and proven designs but hybrid rebreather is quite new solution. You can read more about rEvo types here.
  • You can use rEvo with any rebreather cylinders. No matter if you want to use 1,2 or 3 liter tanks - they wll fit. It makes the possibility to travell all around the world and using the tanks provided by local dive centers. 
  • rEvo uses Shereawater Petrel or NERD as main computer, handset and interface between diver and rebreather's electronics.
  • rEvo has dual axial scrubber. You can read about its advantages here.
  • rEvo micro - without tanks and absorbent - weights only 14,5kg. Ready for diving, with tanks and absorbent, it weights 24kg.