Pricelist of rEvo and accesories

rEvo allows the users for a significant flexibility in rebreather configuration. We can choose mCCR, eCCR or hCCR. We can order rEvo with 2 or 3 electronic systems and take 2l or 3l tanks. Despite the enormous flexibility in rEvo configuration, 99% of incoming orders are complete, ready for any kind of diving rebreathers called rEvo 2014X Expedition.

20140526 revo 231902rEvo 2014 Expedition price is 8,300 EUR

This price includes:

  • rEvo of any size: Standard, Mini or Micro in Titan version
  • Shearewater Petrel2
  • 2 x rEvodream P5
  • rMs system
  • weight pocket
  • 2 x quaderlock to attach argon tank, torch battery etc.
  • the set of 2 steel tanks with rEvo mounting system (2l or 3l)

Additional options:

  • NERD instead of Petrel2: +650 EUR
  • 2l carbon tanks instead of steel ones: +300 EUR
  • additional set of 2l carbon tanks: +600 EUR