rEvodream - 2 independent electronic systems


revodreamrEvodream is another noteworthy element. Technical divers know the concept of redundancy very well. According to good diving practices, every element which is essential for diver's life should be doubled (redundant). The key rebreather element is electronic module, informing diver about oxygen content in breathing gas. Every rebreather has two independent electronic modules, however in most cases they get the information about ppO2 from one set of oxygen sensors (usually the set contains 3 sensors).

rEvo made one step forward. The main computer, informing about oxygen content in breathing loop, calculating no-decompresion time and mandatory decompresion is Shereawater Petrel. Exceptionally readable, equipped with dual power supply and connected to 3 oxygen sensors. But it's still not enough. Every rEvo can be equipped with additional electronic module: rEvodream. rEvodream has own power supply, independent wires and oxygen sensor (or even 2 sensors for 1 rEvodream). Thanks to such sollution it's completely independent, separated from any other electronic systems module that informs the diver about oxygen content in the brething loop. rEvo can be equipped with 2 rEvodreams. In such configuration the unit has 3 independent (own power supply, wires and oxygen sensors) electronic systems, what means that even if one of them fails during the dive, we still have 2 (redundant!!!) working electronic systems. rEvo is the only rebreather on the market offering 5 oxygen sensors connected to 3 independent measuring systems.


revodream  revodream rebreather  revodream rebreather